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Custom Wig Ordering & Restyling - for Lace wigs and Monofilament wigs
Lace Wig Custom Order Form:
When you place an order for custom lace wigs, please use the Lace Wig Custom Order Form. Then send an email to with the completed form attached. Please click the Lace Wig Custom Order Form link or icon to download the form. The Word document of the form will be saved to your computer, usually on the Desktop or download folder. Producing full hand-tied wigs is very time consuming. Ventilating is a labor intense work. More than 100,000 hairs need be knotted onto the lace or mono net by hand. Usually we need 5-6 weeks for production for regular orders. Rush order is available with an extra $30.00 charge. We need about 5 weeks for rush order production. After the wig is shipped out, we will send you an email to inform you the tracking number. You are expect to receive your custom wig in about 7 weeks from your ordering date.

Lace Wig and Monofilament Wig Cap Constructions:
There are so many terms used in lace wig and monofilament wig industry. It is better that customers read all pages to understand the terms before placing their orders. All terms are illustrated and copyright reserved. We also illustrated the wig cap constructions of the wig collections we carry. Some styles in the wig collections might have different cap constructions, but the basic is the same.

Quality Lace Wig Application and Care Products, and Human hair wigs hair products:
To our customers' convenience, we carry Lace Wig Adhesive Kit and lace wig care products. We sell three brands of lace wig adhesives and removers. They are Vapon NO-TAPE and TOPSOL ® Adhesive Solvent, Ultra Hold Lace Wig Adhesive and C-22 Citrus Based Adhesive Remover, Endura-Bond and Endura-Bond Remover. Other lace wig care products we sell are: Scalp Protector, Lace Release, Lace Wig Knot Sealer, Fray-Block, VAPON ® Wig Cleaner. When hair is no longer attached to the scalp it does not benefit from the natural transfer of oil and moisture any more. Suitable hair products play a pivotal role in maintaining and in most cases enhancing the superb quality of the hair. We highly recommend our customers go to their local beauty salons regularly to get professional hair care for their human hair wigs. Customers need to remember: in order to maintain the beauty of the human hair, always use quality hair products. Go to your local professional salons to get better hair products. Never use the hair products from farmer's markets, 99 Cents stores, or Walmart stores. We know two hair care product lines that work very well on human hair wigs. They are PUREOLOGY and ENJOY haircare lines. We have their websites linked to our website. Please take a look as reference.

Use curly iron to style wigs:
Wigs can be cut the same way and same hairstyles as on a human head of hair. Hairs on human hair wigs can be styled and dyed the same way as naturally growing human hair from the scalp. Some human hair wig styles need re-setting or re-styling after washing. Curly hairstyles need special care products and drying process. These knowledge and skills will help our customers to maintain their wigs in a good condition and create the latest looks and fashion trends. 1) Loose Cascading Wave Hairstyles - with 2" Barrel Curly Iron: The larger the barrel, the less defined the curl. This is an important rule of thumb to remember when choosing your curling iron size. If you are looking to create tight ringlet curls, a small barrel is what you are looking for, most likely under one inch in diameter. If you are interested in creating waves and adding volume, then a larger barrel will suit you best. A two-inch curling iron is a great tool for creating soft waves that are romantic and natural looking. These curling irons are best suited for long hair that is shoulder length or longer in order to create waves. For shorter hair, a two-inch curling iron is great for creating volume since the hair will not actually wrap around the barrel more than once. 2) Natural Classic Curl Hairstyles – with 1” Barrel Curly Iron: 1″ curling irons have become the barrel size of choice for many women. Whether your hair is long or short, thick or fine, straight or naturally wavy, a 1″ curling iron is a necessary addition to your hair care arsenal! The best one-inch curling irons come with additional safety features, such as a temperature gauge to determine when the iron has reached optimal heat and an automatic shut-off that turns the iron off if left unattended for several minutes. The smaller the barrel the smaller the curls will be. If you are looking for small and springy curls it is best to go for a small barrel size such as .75 inch. A 1-inch barrel will give you a natural curl and that is basic but still a classic. A larger barrel size such as 1.5 or 2 inches will give voluminous curls and also have cascading waves. 3) Tight Bouncy Ringlet Hairstyles - with 3/4” Barrel Spiral Curling Irons: If you want to create tight, bouncy ringlets - classic “curly hair,” what you really need is a spiral curling iron. Spiral curling irons are designed to help you make exactly those kinds of curls. Here are some of the advantages of spiral curling irons: They have smaller barrels (usually 1 inch or less in diameter), which allows you to make small curls as opposed to loose waves. They have longer barrels, which allows you to hold the iron vertically as you wrap the hair around the barrel to create those ringlets. They often have “guides,” which are metal rings wrapped around the barrel that show you how and where to place your hair for maximum curl. 4) 3/8" or 1/2" Barrel Curly Iron often Used to Detail Bangs or on Short Hair: The smallest curling irons are only 3/8" or ½" in diameter. These barrels are suited to making small, dense, tight curls, or very small waves. They are often used to detail bangs, when curly bangs are desired, but you could use them on your hair in general - especially if your hair is rather short, and large curls would not have enough room to look correct, or even be done at all.

Great hair is just a roller setting or a curling iron away!
Final cutting and styling might be necessary to look best for some custom wigs. When professional hairdressers do hair cutting and hair styling, they take the shape of face, proportion of the body, balance, and personality of the lady into account, as well as her lifestyle. To achieve the best look of the wig wearing, we leave the final cut and final styling procedures to our customers, such as the trim of your bangs, layer cut that frames your face, upswept bangs, and final brushing of the spiraling curls. We recommend our customers take their wigs to their favorite salon and hair stylists to add the perfect cut for their faces. Re-setting or re-styling might be necessary for wavy and curly hairstyle wigs after shampoo for wig curls or waves might not be as pretty as before. We suggest that customers recreate bouncing ringlets, soft sexy curls, or flowing waves with rollers, hot rollers, flat iron, or curly iron. When we make curly or wavy hair style wigs, we perm the hairs. When the curl size is in between 0.8 cm – 3.0 cm, we use spiral perm technique. For body curl and body wave styles, we body perm the hairs because our source hair is straight and straight hair cannot support the body curls or body waves very well. We body perm the hair first, then ventilate the hair. We use styling tools to make the final styles after the ventilation. After shampooing, spiral permed hairs do not need to be re-set or re-styled. However, Body permed hair needs to be restyled or re-set to look best. You can use hair styling tools such as hot rollers or a curling iron, or you may wet-set it and dry it under a hairdryer to recreate the waves and curls. Celebrities always look fabulous because they restyle their hair on a daily basis. It is advisable that our customers NOT TO TINT, COLOR, PERM OR DO ANY EXTRA CHEMICAL PROCESSES by themselves because the wig hair has already been treated. Please be extra careful with blonde and other light color hair. They are more chemically processed than the dark hair.

Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved. All of the illustrated images are for reference only. The actual wigs might not be exactly the same.

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Just Show You What a Good Curly Iron Can Do - Large Curl/Wave PatternClassic Style with Deep Side Part, Height and Fullness above Forehead - with 1" Barrel Curly Iron'30s Fake Bob with Feminine Curls and Curves - with Small Hot RollersPopular Hairstyle in the 1920s and early 1930s - with Pin CurlsSoft Roller Wet Set - a common curling method during the early and mid-tweentieth
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Perm for Largest Curls and Waves - with 1 ½” (3.8cm) Diameter Jumbo RodLoose Wave from Wet Hair Setting on Permed Hair - with 1 7/8" (4.7 cm) diameter jumbo rollerLoose Wave Hairstyles - with 1 ¾” Barrel Curly IronWavy Curl Hairstyle - with 1 ¼” Barrel Curly IronWet Roller Setting on Straight Hair - with 1 3/4" (4.4cm) diam. jumbo roller
Perm Large Curls - with 1 ¼” (3.1 cm) Diameter Large RodDeep Wave Hair Style - with deep waverRe-set jumbo curls with jumbo hot rollers (1 1/4" diameter)Classic Style with Deep Side Part, Height and Fullness above Forehead - created by 1" Diameter Hot Roller3/4" Diameter and 1" Diameter Hot Roller Set - with 30's Fake Bob
Classical Spiral Curl Style - with 3/4" Barrel (2.0 cm diameter) Curly IronTightest Spiral Curls - with a ½” barrel (1.5 cm diameter) Curling IronSmall Rod Perm - with 7/16” Pink rod, ½” Gray rod, and 9/16” White rodIndian Hair and Malaysian Hair in Barrel CurlsMinimizing Shedding by Proper Hair Care Techniques
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