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SOFT SEXY WAVE hairstyle - with jumbo rollers & flat iron
SOFT SEXY WAVE hairstyle - with jumbo rollers & flat iron
1. Starting with wet hair, blowing dry hair smooth.
2. Start at the top of the head and spray with heat-protector spray setting lotion.
3. Heat top section of hair with the flat iron.
4. Roll large Velcro rollers along the top section. Secure each roller with a metal clip to hold.
5. Wrap Velcro at the base with facial tissue if you have fine hair to avoid breaking the hair.
6. Continue heating and applying rollers, working from the back of the head to the sides. Use larger jumbo rollers for the back of the head.
7. For the sides, make two big sections and roll them down.
8. Spray the whole head with hair spray.
9. Use a blow dryer on each roller to reheat the set up a little (if you want).
10. Leave the set in as long as possible then brush out.

Text @ 2009 by Robert Vetica.