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Bricklay Roll Wrap Technique
Bricklay Roll Wrap Technique
Bricklay roll wrap setting pattern is one of the most frequently used setting skills. The flow of the movement in the finished result looks natural and can be easily maintained. Hair flows with no discernible splits between rows.

The backswept direction off the face opens up and keeps hair from falling in the face. It moves hair back and up against the natural fall of gravity, creating desirable volume. The setting pattern involves beginning at the front forehead area with the first tool placed. This serves as the starting point for all subsequent partings through the top and sides to parallel each other. At the crown, horizontal partings are taken that continue down to the nape.

The finished results can be varied by using zigzag partings to avoid splits or by alternating rod sizes to create a mix of larger and smaller curls. You can also use different base controls to alter the results, or direct all the hair around the front hairline toward the face.