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Best Tangled Hair Solution - Bedtime care, Wig Washing, Tangle-Free Styling, and Knots Removing
Best Tangled Hair Solution - Bedtime care, Wig Washing, Tangle-Free Styling, and Knots Removing
Detangling knotted hair can be painful, frustrating and time-consuming. Most tangling occurs when the hair is neglected for an extended period of time or is not detangled regularly or properly. Preventing hair tangles from occurring initially is the best tangled-hair solution.

Bedtime care of hair:
1. Shampoo out hair products, like hair gel and ultra hold hair spray, before you go to bed. Hair products may give you that great look but take care to remove them from wig hair before you go to bed because hair products can make your hairs stick together to generate hair knots and snarls that are very hard to untangle.
2. Never leave barrettes or clips in your hair overnight.
3. Before going to bed, always detangle your hair and apply a light moisturizer.
4. Practice braiding your hair at night. Sleep braids are a wonderful way to protect hair from tangles while you toss and turn.
5. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase at night to avoid friction can prevent tangled hair also.

Wash your wigs properly:
Tangles also frequently occur while washing hair. Detangle the wig hair first before wash it by running fingers through. Using cold water. Do not swish the wig around in the water or wash it upside down. Do not rub the hair during the washing process, as that may cause tangling also. Massage the hair gently. Pat to let dirt out. Use wig shampoo to wash your wig if you do not use much hair products in your hair. Then comb the conditioner through the hair with your fingers, and continue combing as you rinse out. If too much hair products are used, use clarifying shampoos or clarifying sprays that are designed to removing excess product buildup, mineral deposits, and other impurities. Once all conditioner has been removed from the hair, gently squeeze the hair to reduce the amount of water. Use a wash cloth or hand towel to gently soak excess water. Allow wig to air dry if the wig style is straight. Use a diffuser to dry curly and wavy style wigs. Small knots go from bad to worse. Wash and condition your wigs regularly. Dirt and styling products accumulating on your hair can lead to serious tangles. Keep your hair clean and moisturized, it will stay detangled.

Being careful when you style your wig hair:
You can prevent hair tangles by being careful when you style your hair. Take your time and don't back comb or do any flipping your head over especially if you have long hair. Use leave-in detangler or leave-in conditioner before you begin to style your wig hair. Remember to apply it and comb it through in sections. Shampoo away the hair products and apply leave-in detangler or leave-in conditioner again before you go to bed. Use alcohol-free hair products, also. Alcohol can dry out the hair and can lead the tangles and snags in the hair because it raises the cuticle layer and makes the hair rougher. Don't allow your hair to be free if you live in a windy climate. The wind will just blow your hair all over the place!

Removing knots from hair:
Some people find damp hair is easier to detangle. You can use a spray bottle of professional detangling product to start. Use a wig comb or brush, comb the hair from ends to roots. For really stubborn knots, saturate the hair in conditioner for a few minutes before attempting to remove the knot. Clarifying shampoos or sprays are formulated to be “stronger” and more alkaline to strip away residues that can be left in the hair by styling products and other sources. Someone who uses a lot of product should use a clarifying shampoo or spray in order to remove product build-up that may still be present after routine shampooing. If you already made mistakes and your wig hair has a lot of knots and matting, please go to a local beauty salon to get a professional detangling. They have professional salon only products and procedures to deal with the tangled hair.

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